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When you work with Stella, you can count on nothing less than a managerial staff of professional experts, who are experienced in the areas of real estate, marketing and communication, and have an in-depth knowledge of the legal and technical field as well. The whole team dedicates to satisfying the clients’ requirements as rapidly and as effectively as possible.

This is why Stella has chosen to continue her journey with her Great Properties Real Estate!

The word Great immediately fascinated her as she was creating the name for her company. Stella associated this term with the beautiful, bright things she was building every day, just like the properties she transforms through acquisition, advertising and sale.

Great is a nice, complete adjective, that goes well with a person’s name, just think of the Great Gatsby or Catherine the Great, or with things, like the Great Wall of China or even in the phrase “great pleasure”, such a delicate expression to use in human communication.

Great Properties Real Estate is growing well, like a young, strong plant. The photographer, the video maker, the legal team, the coordinator and the marketing associate work together in this company, all of them sharing the same sense of duty and the same ethical and moral values.

Stella’s and her Great Properties Real Estate’s mission can be explained by a simple, transparent concept: the pursuit of the goals is profoundly inspired by and based on ethics and relations with people.

The team of Great Properties Real Estate is convinced that the life of an individual shouldn’t only be dedicated to growing one’s earnings, but rather we should aim to grow our knowledge.  That form of knowledge that makes you more human and therefore stronger, it makes you grow rich with that sort of wealth that no one could ever take away from you.

Dostoevskij was fond of repeating: “Beauty will save the world”. Almost 2000 years earlier, Roman emperor Hadrian used to feel responsible for the beauty of the world.

These are the principles by which Stella coordinates her team, because she is passionately certain that doing business while preserving one’s own integrity is not a utopia.







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