Our professionists

Gianni Del Popolo

Videomaker and Photographer 

Gianni Del Popolo designed and founded the PAN POT

Studio Recording in 1987.

Expertin editing software, he works with Rai 3, Radio Globo, BMG Ariola and Extra Label Virgin Music, while also being the creator of the first on-demand music television for Fastweb-TV.

He is the editor and cameraman of various documentaries and short films realised for Sky Arte, amongst which “Maia” by Alessandro Prete is a Los Angeles Film Award winner. He is also a producer and video editor for BMW, besides being video feed director and expert user of Roland, BlackMagic and Panasonic mixers.


Edi Solari



Edi Solari is an architecture and interior design photographer. Born in Tuscany, she has been living and working in Rome since 2009.

Photography graduate at the European Institute for Design (IED) in Rome, she has been collaborating for years with real estate agencies, interiors magazines, architects, hotels, holiday homes, bed & breakfasts and furniture companies, both in Italy and abroad.

She takes care personally of the preparation of the locations, as well as of the photo shooting and digital post-production, so as to enhance the value of each space by narrating it through a photographic story.


Monica Sassone

Marketing and Communication Expert

Public Relations and Advertising graduate,  Monica Sassone has a master degree in Graphic Communication and has been constantly improving her expertise in communication, also by collaborating with visual marketing advisors. She takes care of the property marketing thoughtfully, because she is confident that by respecting the rules of visual expression you can truly and emotionally convey the full marketing content. 

  Andrea Pecci

Technical Surveyor

Member of the CollegioGeometri of Rome, Andrea Pecci is an experienced professional who constantly develops his technical expertise, as well as being greatly trained in urbanistic and in cadastral matters.

  Eleonora Farina

Language and Communication

Linguistic and Cultural Mediation Sciences graduate, Eleonora Farina takes care of translating into English the words and contents of Great Properties Real Estate, aiming to make them accessible to an international audience while preserving the charming authenticity of the Italian culture.