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As an expert of luxury properties, Stella does her job with special dedication and transparency, by truly committing herself to fulfil the needs of her clients in the city of Rome, on the island of Capri and in the most prestigious areas of the regions of Tuscany and Umbria.

Counting over 15 years of professional experience, Stella is nationally and internationally known for her accomplishments and regarded as one of the most qualified and trustworthy real estate agents in the Capital’s market.

Stella’s real estate agent career begins by chance, when she unexpectedly finds the colourful, boldly printed flyer of an important national real estate group. However, most often a casualty is nothing but the product of a hidden, recondite necessity, hence Stella throws herself immediately into her new job. It is a complex start-up, typical of those paths leading to brand new horizons, where everything changes and transforms very rapidly.

Stella graduated from university in Albania obtaining her first degree in  Literature and Philosophy, and while she was writing her dissertation she had started collaborating with various popular newspapers. Right after graduating she had begun working for the major publishing companies as a translator from French, Italian and English of some of the masterpieces of contemporary literature. Among her translations, to which she often contributed by writing the foreword herself, are Memoirs of Hadrian by Marguerite Yourcenar, A Man by Oriana Fallaci, I’ll Steal You Away by Niccolò Ammaniti, some novels by Natalia Ginzburg, L’anima del mondo by Silvia Ronchey on James Hillman, and so on.

But real estate transforms her rapidly, leading her to adopt different timings, making her a more dynamic woman. As for everyone, her road to success turns out to be paved with slippery stones and, in times of trouble, she finds herself relying on her own female role models. On her grandmother, who had endured deprivation and oppression and never bowed her head; on her mother, a champion basketball player, whom Stella as a kid used to watch jumping high with astounding vigour and agility, despite she always wore old sneakers and could only count on a few sips of sweet tea to restore her strength during halftime.

In 2005 Stella starts devoting herself full time to her work, and her accomplishments lead her to identify her own area of specialization. Here she operates next to proven experts, to whom she owes her professional development and her confidence in the quality of her work, and with whom she still maintains an intense bond.

She also becomes actively involved in social issues by joining the ANGSA, a non-profit organization created by relatives and tutors of people diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders.


Stella keeps on reading and studying, she enrols at “La Sapienza” University in Rome for a second degree in Languages and Cultures of the Modern World, writing her final dissertation on Toni Morrison, the first Afro-American female writer to be awarded with the Nobel prize, titled “Images and Female Resistance in Toni Morrison’s works”.

Later on, she improves the previously gained experience by working in an international group, where she contributes with her integrity to the image and the success of the group itself. She learns and adopts enthusiastically the use of new technologies, incorporating it in her everyday work alongside with the latest tools and approach techniques. She is part of the group for almost 10 years, making the most of the experience to grow and strengthen her professional identity. She gets to know new worlds, new colleagues from France, Germany, Russia, Spain and the U.S., whose appreciation and affection she holds dear. She growingly expands her sphere of influence on major clients.

She never stops. Stella attends the prestigious “Scuola Holden” to study Storytelling and Marketing, because every house needs to be narrated in its very own vibe and unique colours, just like a story whose hypertext is made of walls, of gardens, of the traces left by the people who lived in it.

She specializes further to operate in the luxury market, becoming Certified Global Luxury Property Specialist and member of the renowned Council of Residential Specialist, the leading education and networking organization for the best residential real estate agents. She also joins as Realtor the National Association of Realtors, founded in 1906 in Chicago, and the Women’s Council of Realtors, recognized as the most prestigious voice for women in real estate, and the premier source for the development of female leaders in the industry.

Thanks to her exclusive international partnership, Stella’s listings reach an incomparable audience of buyers all over the world. Her international influence is expanded and completed by her advanced website, where the properties of her clients are displayed through the full screen, high-resolution pictures.

Whatever your desire, whether it is a sumptuous seaside villa or a terrace with a view over the rooftops of Rome, or even a first proportionate investment, Stella is ready to show you the finest properties, paying particular attention to your personal taste and requirements. You can rely on Stella to realise the full potential of a prestigious real estate investment, with full, scrupulous respect of your privacy.



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Stella Beshirja achieved both a national and an international reputation in the Rome real estate market, especially as luxury properties sales mediator. Thanks to her experience, integrity and professionality, Stella is highly appreciated by the many clients who turn to her for the management of their real estate portfolio and the sale of their properties, located either in Rome or in some of the most scenically and architectonically charming areas in the Italian regions of Campania, Tuscany and Umbria. Moreover, her clients equally rely on Stella for her selective research competence in the purchase of luxury properties.

From the beginning of her professional career and mostly over the past five years, Stella has reached many important goals in the field of buying, selling and leasing quality properties, becoming the trustee of renowned culturally and socially prestigious clients.
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